Valley Grande Baptist Church is a faith family comprised of people who have been saved and transformed by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to “Glorify God” in all things. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus by preaching the gospel and teaching people to follow Him in faithful obedience and trust. We seek to fulfill our purpose and accomplish the mission that God has given us in many ways:

  • By growing in our relationships with God and others through prayer and through God’s word as we teach it, read it, reflect on it and proclaim it;
  • By assembling together for worship and fellowship;
    By telling others about the Lord Jesus Christ close to home and around the world for the purpose of sharing the gospel;
  • By offering our help, service, selves, and lives through: missions, ministry, service, and giving;
  • By reverencing God and rejoicing in Him. We do all of this for the good of others and ultimately to and for the Glory of God alone

We believe that disciples of Christ begin their journey with Christ through a personal commitment of their lives to Christ in faith which is followed by baptism into the family of God and commitment to a local church as part of God’s larger family of faith.
We believe that all disciples of Christ have a responsibility to Christ and to their fellow believers at VGBC to grow in their faith in Christ in several ways:

  • Gather in worship regularly to honor God, hear God’s Word and fellowship with God’s people;
  • Group with fellow believers at VGBC in a Bible Study group/Sunday School class;
  • Grow as disciples of Christ and members of VGBC by sharing their lives with their fellow believers at VGBC and becoming disciples (students) of Christ who make disciples for Christ;
  • Give in ministry and service to their fellow believers and to others in their community;
  • Go in outreach and missions both locally and globally.